Exchange Products

DCPG's exchange certified plans meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. These plans utilize an efficient network to control costs and are administered by a third party. The plans can be purchased both on or off exchange.

DentaSpan is an economical option for groups interested in purchasing dental insurance. DentaSpan is available to groups with 2-50 full-time equivalent employees and is currently offered in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. For plan information, rates and to enroll, click here.

DentaTrust is available to individuals and families. We currently offer DentaTrust to residents of Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Tennessee. Additional information about the DentaTrust plans, rates and enrolling can be found by clicking here.


Click here for our DentaSpan summary of benefits, rates and covered services documents. Sold case materials can be found here.

Click here for our DentaTrust summary of benefits, rates and covered services information.

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Interested in Enrolling?

Groups, families and individuals can click here to read more about our plans, get a quote and enroll in either DentaSpan or DentaTrust.

Current DentaTrust or DentaSpan Members

Questions related to enrollment, billing or payment should be directed to DentaTrust Billing and Enrollment at (855) 890-3243.

Click here for questions related to member services (claims). Once there, you will be able to find the appropriate phone number to call based on your state of residence.

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